fast pass by thepropcm.

In 2 steps you can get funded:

1: Create a one step HFT permitted account with @SOCIALTRADINGCLUB

2: Send us your POP and account credentials PASS@THEPROPCM.COM  

Accounts are not included in the fee

within 3 trading days we will pass your challenge GUARANTEED

Think about it like this…

If you were to max out your capital on prop firm which allows HFT trading @SOCIALTRADINGCLUB

(4 x 200k USD ACCOUNTS), you’ve potentially got 800k to trade with.
Get paid 2-4% on each account, and that equates to a healthy 16-32kusd per month.

Not bad right?
But then theres the downsides.
How long does it take you to pass and whats the emotional cost of trying to pass the challenge?
You need to know your strategy inside out, you need patience, resilience and it can be pretty stressful – especially if you keep failing over and over again like most traders do according to recent study 97.79% traders fail there challenges.

SO how about. WE do the work for you.

Thats right. We’re offering you a guaranteed pass in 3 trading days

In other words, we’ll take on all the added stress ourselves – while you sit back relax and see from your own eyes what our Advanced High Frequency Trading bot is capable off And within 3 trading days the funded account details will land in your inbox.

IF this sounds like something you need and want to maximise this opportunity to grow your prop firm capital 

Then do not hesitate to drop us an email are very limited spaces available for this opportunity and once all spaces are snapped up, we’ll be closing enrolment immediately.Speak soon, team.

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